Abstract Artist - Brenden Spivey - Local Artist - Columbus Ohio

Brenden Spivey is an emerging abstract artist in the Columbus art scene. After spending time in and out of galleries and seeing many private collections of Columbus art collectors he became curious about the process and why he felt so connected to the art work he is seeing. "Art is all around us" he said, I can look at a beautiful shirt, shoes, or the mundane things in life and see beauty in them. There would be something that inspired me... it just made me feel". 

Upon returning home after several weeks in Europe on a business trip Brenden decided to go to his local art supply store and purchase canvas and professional grade paints and brushes. He was instantly drawn to the process and the meditative state that would engulf him. For someone like Brenden who has a very active mind... all of that seemed to go away when he picked up a paint brush.

From this story you can gather that Brenden didn't acquire formal training in painting, therefore he is known as an "Outsider Artist".

"I wanted to create beautiful artwork but how do I do this without anyone to guide me". Brenden began experimenting with brushes and pallet knives and while the pieces he created had great color they didn't represent Brenden's overall artistic vision. He began to do work with fluid paint pouring and found his voice as an artist. Brenden masterfully poured paint onto gallery wrapped canvases in ways that showed his careful and methodical nature. A few months after his art journey he was picked up by a local art gallery where he continues to be represented today.

Not to be known as a "one trick pony" or an artist that can only pour paint out of a cup Brenden immersed himself deeply into abstract art at galleries, museums and his own private collection. He found in some of his early "Pollack" styled pieces how music influenced his ability to create art.

His artwork began to take on new and exciting forms when he would listen to music. New gestural tools such as oil pastels and pigment sticks allowed him more freedom to express himself on canvas. This is what began to shape his newly found signature style.

Embarrassingly Brenden says "I sometimes dance at the easel with the tools in hand."

"I never really go into a painting with an idea. The under painting can contain so many other concepts but it helps create the narrative of what the final piece is to become