Sometimes Inspiration is Subconscious

Here's the story as to how these two paintings came to be.

My brother and his fiancée just bought their first home together.  The excitement of my little brother and his family having their own home overcame me with pride as the big brother.  He and his fiancée have worked so hard together to make this moment happen for their family.  They're both in the healthcare field so you can imagine all the hard work they have done over the last year.

My nieces were so excited to have their own rooms and a few days ago my oldest niece was showing the bedrooms being painted.  One of them has a pink room and the other a gray room.  

A few days later I was in the studio preparing more artwork for my solo show in July.  I wanted to do some more muted colors.  This color combination is not something that I do often and the way that the colors mixed created such beautiful pieces that I'm glad I had enough paint to do a smaller version.

I stepped back and after several hours I think I had the paintings finished and to my surprise I loved the outcome.  But where in the world did the inspiration come from?  This is not what I do, but I loved them so much.

I sat in my corner chair and relaxed and remembered that the wall colors were the colors of the girls rooms.  I was even happier because I had something that I could give to them that they will love and cherish.  

The originals are being held for my upcoming solo show July 17th.  I will share those details with you over the course of the next emails.  As a subscriber you'll get a preview of all the new pieces in a collection.   

The girls will get giclée prints of these paints for their rooms.

Thanks for letting me share my story with you <3