Meet Kinetic

Kinetic is the exploration of using aggressive marks to subtract the previous marks with bold and unrelenting color.  The teal is almost like a bolt of lightening that dances across the midnight sky.  It is the link from canvas to canvas.  

When I work on larger canvases I tend to work a lot more loosely, but still with intuition and intention.  I let the color and movement be the vessel that takes you on the journey.  I don't worry about symmetry and keeping things tight.  I am free in my thoughts and free with my heart.  

For those of you that know me, and know my work know that I work one canvas at a time.  Kinetic is different in the sense that I took 2 - 36x60 panels and joined them to make a 72x60 diptych.  

You may ask, why did you do that?  

There are two reasons.  Reason 1, I find something very luxurious and rich about multiple panel paintings.  It requires a certain muscle that I have not flexed in my art practice.  Reason 2, I could never fit a 60x72 canvas in my little SUV.

I chose to work this way to test my abilities and to see what would happen if I tried to work a bit differently.  Could I make two panels act as a single painting.

How do you think I did?

**  At this time this painting is not on my website.  If you feel that this painting would bring your home a new found joy please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email and I can share more details with you.  

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- Brenden Spivey

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