• Brenden Spivey Cover - WOSU Airfare July Cover

    A diverse collective of
    Columbus-based visual
    artists created murals on the
    plywood installed over the
    broken windows in response
    to the Black Lives Matter
  • COVID-19 Break: Downtown Columbus Property Damage turned to Art: Huntington Center Part 1 Highlight

    In my opinion, this work represents unity. Just by viewing the artists pictures, it is obvious that they are different.  Each artist worked together bringing their talents to produce a cohesive piece.

    My interpretation of the piece:

    • The Statue of Liberty represents the United States. The Black Lives Matter movement is attempting to apply the milk of human kindness to the United States.
    • The Statue of Liberty’s torch is said to light the way to freedom showing us the path to Liberty. It is in a state of emergency….
    • Lady Justice’s scales are incomplete or broken
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    Racism is a public health crisis and it’s time that we all start doing everything in our power to help combat it.
  • Giving Time

    #ArtUnitesCbus is an initiative between CAPA and the Greater Columbus Arts Council to employ Columbus-based visual artists to paint murals on the plywood installed over the broken windows at the Ohio Theatre and Arts Council office. 
  • 19 Columbus Mural Artists To Follow On Instagram

    The murals popping up around downtown aren’t just beautiful. They’re meaningful.